The Olympic Flame – My Thoughts

Freedom is a Flame that Burns Brighter


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3 responses to “The Olympic Flame – My Thoughts

  1. Angel eyes

    so very true and just seems laughable that people  come against the dali lama  seems to me one of the last symbols of peace  angel eyes

  2. Sean

    Hi Dermott, I agree with you 100% . Also another reason I\’m alittle uneasy about the Olympic flame is, I understand that it was not used untill the 1930\’s Olympics IE Nazi Germans Olympics. Hittler used the Olymic flame for the first time to promote the Nazi cause around the world. So I just wonder to myself why it is still being used and why it was never stopped after world war 2.

  3. Deb's

    hiya dermott,
    beatifully put!
    love n light

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