Leonard Cohen – Rufus Wainwright – Chelsea Hotel



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2 responses to “Leonard Cohen – Rufus Wainwright – Chelsea Hotel

  1. Sarah

    Hiya Dermott,I\’ve got a special plug that plugs into this and then really good speakers … So while I\’ve been listening to this very beautiful song … a house mate has just rushed into the room saying "Oh … I know who that is" … so I\’ve waited while they say …"That\’s Martha\’s son"….I love Leonard Cohen …. and always have done .. he still continues to be a great man … I simply wish there were more like him..Yup I think you\’re right re the flame … I could make a flag … and simply hang it out of the window… I\’ll tear a white sheet in half …. and Bob isn\’t my uncle … but I\’ll still get my message across.I\’m not afraid of being arrested .. but why bring it upon myself on purpose.. TheĀ  flag will no doubt draw peaceful attention to the situation…Your page is always full of a calm beauty .. it makes a great respite on here…Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  2. Lynn

    Hello Dermott,
    really enjoyed the voice of Rufus Wainwright,
    thank you for sharing….Lynn

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