Self Portraits – 20th Century Artists

This is the third in the occasional series I have been doing. This one focuses on artists from the last century.
Edward Hopper
Henri Matisse
Mark Rothko
Francis Bacon


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3 responses to “Self Portraits – 20th Century Artists

  1. Sarah

    Hiya Dermott,I have to admit to having a *fave* one here … it\’s the Edward Hopper one…Dermott can you please do me a favour and come and sign my petition …. i need as many as I can get .. see blog.Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  2. Angel eyes

    amazing work and differing styles  angel eyes

  3. joe

    i love the francis bacon painting.  i had dinner with francis bacon once.  at the old carrier restaurant in camden passage, islington.  he signed a napkin for me.  in return, i signed a napkin for him.  i didn\’t have a clue who he was at the time, and i remember telling a mate of mine about meeting him, and my mate nearly had a fit.  he dragged out all these beautiful old art books and gave me the tour of bacon\’s career.  in return, i gave him my signed napkin.  because i\’m a nice guy.  and a bit of an idiot. 

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