Rembrandt – The Stone Bridge

Rembrandt Van Rijn
The Stone Bridge – c 1638
29.5 x 42.5 cms – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Clouds are gathering above a river. A bright flash of light illuminates the landscape. Beneath the threatening clouds a few insignificant figures are finding their way. On the left some people are climbing out of a wagon to seek refuge in the tavern, while in the foreground a boat is punted towards the river bank. On the left of the bridge, a man is plodding along in spite of the imminent storm. The light shines on his back. Although Rembrandt often went out into the landscape to draw, he painted very few landscapes. Those he did paint were usually mountainous, imaginary landscapes. This dramatic Dutch landscape is therefore unique amongst Rembrandt’s works.


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2 responses to “Rembrandt – The Stone Bridge

  1. Angel eyes

    oh dermott dear friend wonderful thank you angel eyes

  2. Sarah

    Hi Dermott,I\’m still cold bound … which explains my lack of action…I can see Jack The Dripper … on the blog below here …. that\’s the sort of painting where you need a very large studio …  or floor of painting studio … the end result is the same..I\’ve left you an Easter egg in your guest book … & it\’s snowing outside…Take care,Lots of Love Sarah XXX

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