Derain – Views of London and the Thames

Derain, André
born June 10, 1880, Chatou, France
died September 8, 1954, Garches
French painter, sculptor, printmaker, and designer who was one of the principal Fauvists alongside Matisse.
In March 1906, the noted art dealer Ambroise Voillard sent Derain to London to compose a series of paintings with the city as the subject. In 30 paintings, Derain composed a portrait of London that was radically different from anything done by previous painters of the city such as Whistler, Pissarro or Monet. With bold colours and compositions, Derain painted multiple pictures of the Thames and its embankment. These London paintings remain among his most popular.
Here is a small sample of the work.
Big Ben and Westminster
Charing Cross Bridge
London Bridge
Houses of Parliament at Night


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2 responses to “Derain – Views of London and the Thames

  1. Angel eyes

    wonderful scenes of london dear friend  angel eyes

  2. Vieille Ourse

    Did not know that painter (or might have forgotten about him !!!).
    Beautiful paintings !

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