Maurice Utrillo – Saint Germain des Pres

Utrillo, Maurice
born Dec. 25, 1883, Paris, Fr.
died Nov. 5, 1955, Le Vésinet
French painter, noted especially for his pictures of the houses and streets of the Montmartre district of Paris. Utrillo was the illegitimate son of the model (she stood for Renoir and Lautrec, amongst others) and artist  Suzanne Valadon (1865–1938). His father was not known, and he was given a name by a Spanish art critic, Miguel Utrillo.
Although Utrillo was initially attracted by the Impressionist paintings of Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley, he had neither aesthetic concepts nor artistic preferences, wishing only to reproduce what he saw, as faithfully as possible. Shy and withdrawn, he painted very few portraits. Except for a number of flower pieces, the bulk of his compositions were devoted to the old, deteriorating houses and streets of Montmartre, its windmills (no longer existing), and its cafés and amusement places. Trips to Brittany and Corsica also yielded a few paintings.
Here is a painting of Saint Germain des Pres, on the left bank of the Seine. This is one of my favourite small Parisian churches and is opposite Les Deux Magots, a bar/restaurant which I have visited a nunber of times and can thoroughly recommend. I also attach two photos which I have taken of the same church.



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3 responses to “Maurice Utrillo – Saint Germain des Pres

  1. Vieille Ourse

    It is just so extraordinary that a painting can include such a comprehensive view of the environment (which is not possible on a picture due to "real" perspective) without triggering any remark from the viewer : we only see what we "think we could see" !
    Fabulous …

  2. Angel eyes


  3. Sarah

    Hi Dermott,OMG\’re making me feel so homesick for a life I used to have ….I used to study @ The Sorbonne … but spent most of my time on the Boulevard St Michel… I have to point out that this was in 1969 .. it was still really heavy in Paris… If you walk up St Michel towards Les Deux Magot … there are masses of streets off to the left filled with Tunisian restaurants..The Gendarmerie would block off the street at one end … then just charge down the street … leaving ppl scattering and panicking trying to get into locked shops for sanctuary…After a year in Paris.. I came back to England and first went to a place called Bath Academy of Art … then onto Central College of Art … now merged with St. Martins.The biggest mistake I made @ the time was when doing my foundation course … I\’d done a tiny bit of Pottery & we had to choose what we were going to do for the next 5 years …after only 2 months of college … I chose Ceramics which in those days was very much influenced by ppl like Bernard Leech … ie all yucky brown earthenware … I spent all of my time @ both Bath & Central in every other dept. … trying to find some colourOne day i WILL go back to Paris.Have a good day,Lots of Love Sarah XXX

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