Maximilien Luce – 1858 – 1941

Luce was a French artist associated with Neo-Impressionism. A printmaker, painter, and anarchist, Luce gained a modicum of fame using the pointillist methods developed by Seurat and Signac. He grew up in the working class Montparnasse area of Paris, and became a painter of landscapes and urban scenes which frequently emphasize the activities of people at work.

Like Camille Pissarro, Luce was active with anarchist groups in Paris in the 1890s, and in 1894 served a brief prison term. During the first world war, Luce painted war scenes, depicting soldiers struggling against the horrors of the Great War. Luce died in Paris in 1941.




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2 responses to “Maximilien Luce – 1858 – 1941

  1. Vieille Ourse

    I love the colors of the first painting !! Nowadays one would say : Lots of "pixels" next to each other …

  2. Angel eyes

    lovely pastel shades in the paintings  now if i remember anarchy means  sort of a lack of organization or something different   angel eyes

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