Johnny Cash – Hurt

The best video ever


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3 responses to “Johnny Cash – Hurt

  1. Yada

    Ooooh…Dermott. This is one of my fav songs ever. Even Trent said it was better than his version. Can\’t watch the vid mate…sorry. Makes a big girl like me cry everytime! 😉 You be safe & thanks for dropping by. Fluffy

  2. Angel eyes

    yes dermott dear friend this is such a beautiful touching video  even with my stupid dial up i\’m waiting to see it thanks  angel eyes

  3. Barry_Tessa

    Well I got caught up on the blogs Dermott. Sorry I can\’t get over so often but I had to comment on this video. I got the whole American Dream, album and video when it came out, and can remember watching it with Christine and thinking how many beautiful still life pictures could have been taken from it and turned into wonderful works of art.Add to the many shots of J.C himself in natural, should we call them poses? and there are hundreds of shots which have since been turned into individual pictures both used and sold.The shots of the keyboard I have seen since on many sites where you can get pictures to use via photobucket etc.Keep up the thought provoking work.Love and WishesBarry

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