Johannes Vermeer – Dutch Painter (1632–1675)

Jan Vermeer

Dutch Baroque Era Painter
Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, ca. 1662
Oil on canvas; 18 x 16 in. (45.7 x 40.6 cm)

Vermeer is one of my favourite classical artists.He painted a wide variety of people in the room portrayed here with the light coming in from the windows on the left. His most well known being Girl With a Pearl Earring, which was te subject of a recent film.

This well-preserved picture of the early to mid-1660s is characteristic of Vermeer’s mature style. Notwithstanding his remarkable interest in optical effects, the artist has achieved a quiet balance of primary colours and simple shapes through subtle calculation and some revision during the execution of the work. The composition suits the theme of domestic tranquility, underlined by the basin and pitcher, traditional symbols of purity.


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  1. Angel eyes

    truly a great artist dear friend lovely work angel eyes

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