Edward Hopper – Automat

Edward Hopper – American Painter, 1882-1967
Automat 1927
Des Moines Art Center, Iowa – Oil on canvas 71.4 x 91.4 cm

Hopper belongs to a particular category of artist whose work appears sad but does not make us sad – the painterly counterpart to Bach or Leonard Cohen. Loneliness is the dominant theme in his art. His figures look as though they are far from home. They stand reading a letter beside a hotel bed or drinking in a bar. They gaze out of the window of a moving train or read a book in a hotel lobby. Their faces are vulnerable and introspective. They may have just left someone or been left. They are in search of work, sex or company, adrift in transient places. It is often night, and through the window lie the darkness and threat of the open country or of a strange city.

Yet despite the bleakness Hopper’s paintings depict, they are not themselves bleak to look at – perhaps because they allow us as viewers to witness an echo of our own griefs and disappointments, and thereby to feel less personally persecuted and beset by them. It is sad books that console us most when we are sad, and the pictures of lonely service stations that we should hang on our walls when there is no one to hold or love.

In Automat (1927), a woman sits alone drinking a cup of coffee. It is late and, to judge by her hat and coat, cold outside. The room seems large, brightly lit and empty. The décor is functional, with a stone-topped table, hard-wearing black wooden chairs and white walls. The woman looks self-conscious and slightly afraid, unused to being alone in a public place. Something appears to have gone wrong. She unwittingly invites the viewer to imagine stories for her, stories of betrayal or loss. She is trying not to let her hand shake as she moves the cup to her lips. It may be eleven at night in February in a large North American city.

Automat is a picture of sadness – and yet it is not a sad picture. It has the power of a great melancholy piece of music. Despite the starkness of the furnishings, the location itself does not seem wretched. Others in the room may be on their own, men and women drinking coffee by themselves, similarly lost in thought, similarly distanced from society: a common isolation with the beneficial effect of lessening the oppressive sense within any one person that they are alone in being alone. Hopper invites us to feel empathy with the woman in her isolation. She seems dignified and generous, only perhaps a little too trusting, a little naïve – as if she has knocked against a hard corner of the world. The artist puts us on her side, the side of the outsider against the insiders.




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4 responses to “Edward Hopper – Automat

  1. Vieille Ourse

    I love Hopper … thanks for posting one of his paintings !
    Hugs from Belgium

  2. Angel eyes

    sad, maybe, but then there is a sweet vulnerability thanks again angel eyes

  3. Sarah

    Hi  Dermott,Thanks for the good wishes … it\’s true medication can seriously **** you up … even worse for ppl who are really depressed or deluded it can put them in a place where they\’re not able to communicate how they feel at all.. It\’s a complicated subject for those who are really suffering…Luckily I\’m still able to fend for myself, I\’m also much more articulate than a lot of ppl who are genuinely \’ill\’ … I feel sorry for those without a voice !.I love the Edward Hopper painting … it\’s very tender. I know what you mean …. it appears sad… I think the painter is in love with the sitter …. Just a feeling.I also saw out of the corner of my eye that you\’d done a blog about Lucien Freud … my sister sat/lay for a painting he did…On a more \’tekkie\’ note and that\’s about as technical as I get …. how did you manage to do the acute accent as in decor …. passe …. flambe …. roule… Take care and thank you for your kind comment.Lotsa Luv Sarah XX

  4. Sarah

    Hi Dermott,It\’s actually quite breathtaking .. the Edward Hopper.. really beautiful.Thanks for accents .. I\’m keeping the letter as a guide,Happy Sunday… I\’m having a beak for a while … the laptops so hot ..it\’s dual purpose is cooking my breakfast.Lotsa Love Sarah X

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