Lucian Freud – British Painter

Lucian Freud

[German-born British Painter, born in 1922]


Normally I underplay facial expression when painting the figure, because I want expression to emerge through the body. I used to do only heads, but came to feel that I relied too much on the face. I want the head, as it were, to be more like another limb.

Lucian Freud, quote










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2 responses to “Lucian Freud – British Painter

  1. Angel eyes

    i\’m impressed with this man\’s work  love the one with the fellow and his dog  angel eyes

  2. Yada

    I like Lucian\’s work a lot but you know…& I feel dumb saying this because I know nothing of art, but I have a problem with his heads.
    Just when they\’re supposed to be resting on something like the pillows & the hand in the two cases above. Neither head looks realxed. The necks are too stiff & at the point of contact they seem to be hovering. It\’s disconcerting…for me at least.
    Lol…well that\’s just a thought anyway.
    you take care

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