Andy Warhol – Three Female Icons

Andy Warhol

[American Pop Artist, 1928-1987]

Born Andrew Warhola, August 6, 1928, in the industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol is best known for his exploration of Pop Art, mass producing images of mass produced objects.

His most famous works depicted Campbell’s soup cans. Enlarged, hand-painted or silkscreened, framed, and hung in an art gallery, Warhol succeeded in turning these mundane images into ironic "art".

Warhol experimented in media such as film, sculpture, paint, and silkscreen, but perhaps his greatest work was his invention of himself as an international celebrity and pop culture icon.

Dolly Parton

Jackie Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe



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2 responses to “Andy Warhol – Three Female Icons

  1. Louise

    Hi Dermott. I haven\’t ever been a fan of his stuff but I did watch a programme about him once that was quite interesting. Something to do with authenticating his work. I keep calling round here and having a look at the art you have on here, hoping it might make me a bit cleverer lmao. Think art, wine and good coffee come with age and even though life just began I ain\’t got to a lot of it yet.
    Hope you\’re fit and well and enjoying lifes joys.
    Bright blessings xxx

  2. Angel eyes

    marilyn monroe my hero  angel eyes

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