Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) – circa 1480 to 1576

Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian was the leading painter of the Venetian School during the Renaissance in the 16th century. During his lifetime he was often known as Da Cadore, a name from his birthplace of Pieve di Cadore.

Recognized by contemporaries as "the sun amidst small stars", Titian was one of the most versatile of Italian painters. He was equally adept with portraits and landscapes, genres which first brought him fame, but also mythological and religious subjects. He trained at a young age with Sebastian Zuccato, then with the Bellini Brothers, Gentile and Giovanni, sons of Jacopo Bellini, where he was exposed Titan to many other prominent artists. This included the famous Giorgione, whose painting, The Sleeping Venus, is of evident influence to Titian’s The Venus of Urbino and Venus and Cupid, both now in the Uffizi Gallery.

Living to an exceptionally old age for the time, his manner changed so drastically in his later years that some critics believe it could not have been same artist. What unites the two parts of his career is his deep interest in colour, emblematic of the Venetian School. His later works may not contain vivid, luminous tints as his early pieces do, yet their loose brushwork and subtlety of polychromatic modulations have no precedents in the history of Western art. Titian’s impact is vast to all of European painting, with his name frequently mentioned as a source of profound influence to other artists.


Portrait of Ariosta


Self Portrait

Noli Me Tangere (Do not touch me)

Pieta – 1575 (His Last Painting)



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4 responses to “Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) – circa 1480 to 1576

  1. Deb's

    hiya Dermott,
    I was wondering, as you know nd have a far greater grasp of art and artists than I ever could, do you know of any other artist s that specialise in religious art.  A few years ago,  I was in Brugges, and we visited an Art gallery, actually the only way I managed to get the hubs in was because of a sudden downpour…lol anyway, as we were walking around this gallery, that at the the time featured heavily with lace work, we ventured into one of the rooms that had a very large oil painting, and was a painting of the crucifiction of christ, his disciples gathered around his feet as his cross was being (lowered) I think, … anyway long story short, it was a painting that moved me, and all of the faces seemed so familiar to me, as if the faces of my friends had been caught by the artist… i was so moved in fact, to the point of tears.. that i forgot to find the name of the artist… and it has baffled me ever since.
    the colours were quite heavy, in mood and although the painting was quite dark the colours were still quite vibrant… not a lot to go on.. i know.. but the memory is slightly faded.
    have a great evening,
    best wishes

  2. Vieille Ourse

    You might try this Wikipedia link with info on some of the Belgian painters you might have seen in Brugges :

  3. Angel eyes

    thank you so much for highlighting this work i could check your space everyday  not too many museums here in hunting and fishing land i guess thanks for this cultural oasis  angel eyes

  4. Lynn

    Hi Dermott,
    you have a real nice space here, don\’t know much about art but
    appreciate natural beauty…Thanks for adding me as a friend,
    have seen you on my hubby\’s page so I feel like I know you
    already..Goodnight for now….Lynn

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