Art for February

Here are a few paintings depicting February, enjoy!

CAMILLE PISSARRO – French Impressionist (1830-1903)

February, Sunrise at Bazincourt (1893)


ALFRED SISLEY – English Impressionist, who spent most of his life in France (1939-1899)

A February Morning at Moret-Sur-Loing


Vincent Van Gogh – Dutch Expressionist Painter (1853-1890)

Mountain Landscape behind the Walled Wheatfield, the first three weeks of February  (1890)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder – Netherlands Renaissance Painter (1535-1569)

A Gloomy Day (1565)



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3 responses to “Art for February

  1. Kuskulana

    Very nice scenes, the painters had something much more colorful than snow and grey sky!

  2. Sarah

    Hi Dermott,Loving the paintings but then I would .. I\’m *supposed* to be an artist myself…I used to live in Paris so I was always going to a gallery called \’Le Jeu de Paummes\’ now alas defunct…. actually it\’s not defunct as such … just all moved to a different gallery..T.C. Love Sarah X

  3. Yada

    Oooh…Dermott. I love the colours in th Bruegel. It\’s my favourite out of the four even though it\’s supposed to be gloomy! Hope you\’re well 🙂

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