Claude Monet in Venice

Of all the art blogs that I have posted, the biggest response has always been to those featuring Monet. Here is another set of paintings.
The canvases Monet painted during his sole voyage to Venice, in the autumn of 1908, are among the most popular and the best known of his art works. However, their number is relatively small: 37 canvases featuring a dozen different views, taken within short distance of one another.
Here are ten of them. Enjoy.




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3 responses to “Claude Monet in Venice

  1. Elizabeth L

    I proper adore this last pic, beautiful and totally in his style innit, the obscure but precise brushstrokes love him
    God Bless
    Just Elle

  2. Kuskulana

    THanks for the visit.
    I love the art pictures here, something we can all use a bit more of.
    I extended an invitation to you.
    Take Care

  3. tressie

    I have always loved Monet.  His paintings are so beautiful.  When I went to Spain about 10 years ago – I went to one of the art museums – (wow what a thrill – so many museums and Picasso\’s La Guernica!) and after wandering around for several hours, I turned a corner and walked down a hallway, and there in front of me was a Monet – I had to sit down on a bench to catch myself – it was one thing to see it in books all my life – but completely another to see it in real life right in front of me – it was breathtaking.  ttfn ~ tressie

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