Claude Monet – Gare Saint-Lazare

I have received a couple of requests for some more Monet, these are some of his paintings of this Parisian station.
In 1876 Monet took a studio apartment in Rue Moncey close to the Gare Saint-Lazare, and from there, in 1877, between January and March, completed twelve paintings of the station, here are eleven of them. At this time he also had an apartment in the Rue d’Edinbourg, even closer to the station, so including his house at Argenteuil he actually had three residences. Evidently he was far from being poor.

As a group, these twelve paintings represent the last of his modern-life subjects, after which he turned completely to the natural landscape. The railway station was at that time the single most powerful reminder of the importance of industrialization to modern man, and a number of painters had treated the subject, the most emotive and romantic version being Turner’s Rail, Steam and Speed of 1844. Turner had seen the train as a powerful force thrusting itself unfeelingly through a protesting nature, a dark and menacing beast, but Monet’s train is very different – a delicate shape contained in an atmospheric web made of the intricate ironwork. His concern is with light and atmosphere, just as it would have been in a landscape of trees and water, but here they have been given a special character by the presence of the smoke and steam filtering the sunlight.







Finally, this is the Turner painting mentioned above.



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3 responses to “Claude Monet – Gare Saint-Lazare

  1. Rob

    Hi Dermott, thanks for the message.
    I love the pictures. They are wonderfully atmospheric & I think I agree with Monet\’s interpretation rather than Turner\’s. I find most modern railway painters are too clinical in their presentation of the subject, but I have one picture by Alan Fearnley entitled \’Sunset at Nine Elms\’ which is to mind simply stunning. Looking at it I can smell the smoke and hot oil and hear this hiss of steam. For me thats what this kind of art is all about –  bringing back to life the real thing.
    Thanks Again

  2. debbie

    Hi Dermott, these paintings are good but i prefer the garden paintings, i like paintings that are abit more colourful. take care.  Debs

  3. Elizabeth L

    hi Dermott,
         I love some of Claude Monet\’s pics, especially the ones of his pond in his backgarden, but the ones I see in your blog, they all seem to have a lot of smoke everywhere, do you think He went out of his way toportray the innercity smog and bustle of daily life, before seeing the simple beuaty in an overgrown garden , either way i still love monet I just see from these pics you put up that he has an eye for truth.
         Thanks mate,
    love and fluffy stuff
    Just Elle

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